Our unique integrated IPO, Crowd financing, SPAC and STO advisory significantly enhances the success chances of your initial capital market issues.

The long way to a stock listing is very know-how, time and cost intensive. Therefore, it is recommended to check at the beginning whether a company is already well prepared for an IPO (https://www.boersenreif.de/). A detailed operational company check with a peer-group and SWOT analysis generates the necessary data and to-do-lists. At the same time IR CONSULT also evaluates an indication for a possible company's value at the stock exchange.

To realize an eventually necessary bridge financing our well established contacts to private equity, venture capital and investment companies are of paramount importance for our customers. Also an issue of a corporate bond or a crowd financing can be very useful in this context.

IR CONSULT supports all IPO/STO/SPAC candidates at the very complex project management, the search for a suitable syndicate and at all necessary company information (https://www.ipo-advisor.com).

Unique is our integrated IPO/STO/SPAC consulting approach which also integrates all preparations for the pre-issue communication for all target groups. This helps to reduce the time and money needed. The complete IPO preparations usually need 4 to 12 months.

Our STO-advisory (www.sto-ico.eu) open you the huge advantages of a company financing via an STO: quick, low cost and efficient. Our STO flyer.

IR CONSULT targets not only to successful first listing, but also to continuously on-going investor relations activities following the IPO. Thus, a really successful IPO is defined by a good share performance over the first year at a whole after the IPO.



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