Investor & Creditor Relations

Our investor & creditor relations optimally reach all target groups of the capital markets, resulting in a rising awareness and attractively of your shares or token for a long term

The major task of investor relations is to reach three different target groups:

1) analysts, fund’s managers = investor & creditor relations (in the narrow sense)

2) financial journalists = financial PR

3) private investors = investor relations (in the wider sense)

All target groups have different know-how, expectations and time targets for their investments. As a result, IR CONSULT uses different modules and activities:

1) Investor & Creditor Relations (in the narrow sense):

Investor relations directly targets to the professionals. To achieve a long-lasting success it is important to im-plement optimized company information - like a fact-book, an attractive equity story and presentations - and to build up active and regular contacts to the investors. Our IR check and perception studies present the current IR-status as well as important improvement ideas. Our funds and stockholders’ analysis as well as our investors targeting help our clients to find new potential investors and to use their IR budget more efficiently. 

2) Financial PR:

Again, active and established contacts to financial journalists are (almost) more important than the passive publication of quarterly and annual reports or press releases. IR CONSULT ideally uses the high multiplying effect of press articles as they are read by all market participants. Additionally, an open and interesting PR can actually be the cheapest 'advertisement' at all.

3) Investor Relations (in the wider sense):

A convincing and for all platforms optimized company website is today the first contact point for all investors, especially for the anonymous mass of private investors. Emails, newsletter, blogs and social media support all IR activities. And last but not least an easy way for further questions should be implemented.

Some financial advertisements can help to attract and inform private investors. In addition to classical media options today IR CONSULT uses a number of innovative marketing instruments offering an enhanced cost-benefit-ratio.

Our IR approach is highly successful as we implement and realize the best measures for each relevant target group. We are pleased to present and explain examples at a meeting with you.



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